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Where am I playing now?

I really can't remember the last time I went a week without playing paintball, so I decided to start keeping track.  I'm going to compile a calendar of where and when I play paintball.  You can see the cool fields that I have played on and follow me as I explore and discover where paintball can take you.

2013 Paintball Field Log:

 PSP Dallas Open 2013 at Cousins Paintball

  • Thursday, March 14: Travelled to Texas, crossed the border through the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor/Detroit, then flew from Detroit Metro airport to Dallas-Fort Worth airport.  The team travelled straight to the field at Cousins Paintball from the airport for an afternoon practice with fellow Canadian team Alliance and the Chicago Infamous D1 squad.
  • Friday, March 15: Canadian Express spent the morning helping pit Infamous through their pro wins in both matches against Seattle Thunder and Upton187 Crew.  However, the winning spirit of Infamous didn't transfer to Express, and we found ourselves letting other teams control our matches.  The quick turnaround from the pits to the field led to uncertainty, and on field the team suffered penalties that led to losing our first two matches.
  • Saturday, March 16: Flipping the schedule from the day before, Express had the morning to prepare for our matches before having to help in the pits.  Trying to regain the traction we lost on the field during Friday's games, Express put new plays into action, but still fell short of victory.  The team's defeat at our first PSP event was an eye-opening experience that vanquished all illusions of the competition we are facing this season.  These insights will help us to develop our training and game plans as the season progresses, and Spring brings a new opportunity for outdoor practice to hone our skills before MAO.  Express continued helping in the pits, with Infamous winning their next two prelim games against the French TonTons Flingueurs and powerhouse Los Angeles Ironmen.
  • Sunday, March 17, St. Patrick's Day: Although our team was out of the tournament, we still had a job to do at the event helping LA Infamous in the pits during their pro matches.  The team worked hard on the field, but lost in the semi-final round losing to Dynasty in a tragic last-second point.  Dynasty went on to be the event champions, while Infamous finished in 3rd place.
  • Monday, March 18: Early morning to travel home, flying back from DFW to Detroit Metro Airport.  The team parted ways there, with everyone driving back to their home towns, whether it be me just across the border or the northern teammates driving back to Manitoulin Island.  PSP Dallas was an unforgettable experience that sets the bar for the 2013 season.

  • Saturday, March 9: I stopped by Windsor Rush to pick up a used Azodin Kaos Pump marker, and spend the day playing pump paintball before having to go to work.  It was fun, the mechanical disadvantage of using a pump marker against other players with semi auto and electronic markers is a whole new rush to add to the game of paintball.
  •  Saturday, March 2: Canadian Express Practice at Flagswipe Paintball, the team's last full practice together before flying out to PSP Dallas Open 2013 this month.
  • Monday, February 25:  Speedball practice at Windsor Rush Paintball with local players from their team, and players from DieHard Paintball's team.
  • Monday, February 18: Speedball practice at Windsor Rush Paintball with the new air bunkers, a Pre ESPL season practice for local teams Windsor Rush and Chatham Progression. 

Family Day Weekend PSP Preseason Practice:

  • Sunday, February 17: Hosted a paintball skills and drills clinic for local players with the help of pro player Travis Lemanski at Flagswipe Paintball.

2012 Paintball Field Log:

  • Saturday, December 29:   I played rec ball at Windsor Rush Paintball again, recorded more GoPro footage and put together a "Winter Break mix" video.
  • Thursday, December 27: Rec ball at Windsor Rush Paintball, first day out using the GoPro camera and recorded some paintball videos, I shot my Axe, Tippmann and PMR.

  • Saturday, December 22: I went to DieHard Paintball and played a day of recball in the woods and village fields.  It had snowed the day before which made it a cold day, but the snow makes for a fun day.  Lesson learned for the day: Don't try to shoot brittle tournament grade paint in the snow and below-zero temperatures, most of your paint won't make it out of the barrel.
  • Saturday, November 24: Stopped by Windsor Rush Paintball for a couple of hours and played a couple of games of rec ball at their indoor field.  Fun times with great staff.
  • Sunday, November 18: Reffed the Blizzard Ball tournament event at Flagswipe's Indoor Paintball field.  The player turnout was great, with 10 3-man teams in the Young Guns division, and 16 5-man teams in the Rookie division.  Altogether we reffed over 100 paintball games in a 10 hour time span.  The top 3 teams in each division went home with cash prizes, and all players involved left with smiles on their faces.
  • Saturday, November 17: Practiced with Canadian Express at Flagswipe's Indoor Paintball field in London, Ontario.  We brought in some of the new players picked up from our tryouts, ran drills and scrimmaged games between our lines.  It's a strange feeling playing in PSP ramping again, after shooting semi-auto only this year to play in the NPPL. 
  • Saturday, November 10: Played paintball at Flagswipe Paintball's Indoor field for the final tryout for the 2013 Canadian Express season.  We had a great turnout of about 20 players, ran some drills and a few scrimmage games.  I'm looking forward to this season, it looks like we'll have strong teams for D3 and D4 PSP this year.
  • Saturday, October 20: Flagswipe Paintball's Indoor field in London.  Canadian Express tryouts for the 2013 season.  Next open tryout will be November 10 at Flagswipe.
  • Sunday, October 14: DieHard Paintball in Cottam.  Fun day of walk-on speedball ball, last day of the season for outdoor airball.  Plus, LARPing shenanigans with foam swords, hammers and tomahawks.
  • Friday, October 5-Sunday, October 7: Played the NPPL Las Vegas Paintball World Chamionships with Canadian Express in the Riviera Casino parking lot.  This was a massive tournament in the middle of busy Las Vegas with tons of teams competing from all over the world.  Our team was the pit crew for pro team Infamous during all of their games this event.
Canadian Express breakout at NPPL Vegas.  Photo from LLPaintball.
  • Thursday, October 4: Vegas Extreme Paintball.  This was a pre-NPPL practice on their beautiful fully turfed field setup.  They actually have two fields setup, on full-sized NPPL field and one full-sized PSP field, plus a badass looking rec field behind them.  It's a really nicely setup field, I would love to have this local to me.
  • Sunday, September 30: Day of the Dead 11 Scenario game at Flagswipe Paintball's Outdoor field.  One of the biggest scenario games in Canada with over 800 players out and a massive trade show.  I played for the Zombie side against the Humans and had tons of fun, while also realizing that I now have no idea what to do in woodsball after playing tournament speedball all year.  I also spent some time hanging out in the Ntensity Customs booth, handing out business cards and showing their off cool custom paintball gear.
Two players are doused by a smoke grenade while gunfighting from behind a house at DOTD11. Photo from Fubar PBL
  • Sunday, September 23: Canadian Express pre-NPPL Vegas team practice at Flaswipe Paintball's Outdoor field.  This was the last day we had the outdoor airball field setup before it went down for the winter and to make staging room for DOTD11.
  • Sunday, September 16: ESPL Event 5 Finals.  I was at Flagswipe Paintball's outdoor field with Canadian Express from sunrise to sunset, our team was running the event.  It was a great event turnout with 12 teams in the morning Young Guns 3 man division, and 10 teams in the afternoon Rookie 5 man division.  
Some snake battle action from the ESPL 5 young guns division.
  • Saturday, September 15: Canadian Express practice at Flagswipe Paintball's outdoor field.  We spent the morning gridding the field and setting up the NPPL Vegas layout.  The team then spent the rest of the day doing drills and getting to know the layout before the event.  Afterwards we cleaned the field and set up tables, tents and staging for the ESPL Finals event the next day.
  • Sunday, September 9: I played some walk-on airball at DieHard paintball.  
  • Sunday, September 2: I played some walk-on airball at DieHard paintball.
  • Friday, August 24-Sunday, August 26: NPPL DC Challenge at Pev's Paintball Park in Virginia, playing D3 7 man with Canadian Express.  This was my second NPPL event and it was a great time.  We had the chance to pit and run pods for pro team Infamous during their games.
 Me playing the car wash bunker at the NPPL DC Challenge.
  • Sunday, August 19: ESPL Event 4 at Flagswipe Paintball's outdoor field.  
 Footage from ESPL Event 4 Rookie Division, featuring Toronto Blackout
  • Saturday, August 18: Canadian Express practice, setting up the NPPL DC layout and preparing the field for ESPL the next day.
  •  Saturday, August 4: Had a Canadian Express practice at Flagswipe Paintball's outdoor field on the NPPL DC layout.
  • Sunday, July 15:  Hosted ESPL Event 3 at Flagswipe Paintball 

  • Saturday, July 14: Canadian Express practice at Flagswipe Paintball and field setup for ESPL event 3.
  • Sunday, July 8: Canadian Express practice at Flagswipe Paintball,  also the first day we got our hands on the new Empire E-Flex masks.
Breakout drills with Canadian Express
  • Sunday, July 1: Played some walk-on paintball at DieHard paintball, had an awesome day of ball with locals.

  • Sunday, June 3: ESPL Event 2 at Flagswipe Paintball's outdoor field
  • Saturday, June 2: Canadian Express practice and ESPL setup
  • Friday, May 18-Sunday, May 20: NPPL Chicago at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL.  This was my first international event and a great experience.  Living Legends 5 was also going on at CPX at the same time, and it was really cool to see how massive the scenario paintball scene is getting.
Bedlam: the ultimate paintball town at CPX, designed by movie set designers as the ultimate urban paintball experience, was a main field used during the LL5 scenario game.
  • Sunday May 6: ESPL Event 1 at Flagswipe Paintball's outdoor field