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Ontario Fields

Paintball Fields/Groups in Ontario:

Sometimes the hardest part of playing paintball is finding which field to play at and when to go to find the style of paintball that you want to play.  I'm putting together a list of fields in Ontario, starting near my home in Windsor.  It is incomplete so far, and I plan on adding to and updating the list soon.  
If you want to share any other fields or useful groups, post a comment.  If you want to share experiences or any reviews of fields or stores in the area, feel free to share as well!

Windsor/Essex County:

DieHard Paintball Outdoor Field:
Located at 284 Road 11, Cottam, ON N0R 1V0
Website: http://windsorpaintball.com/
DieHard Paintball Facebook Group
  • Large woodsball and rec fields including a large village and a castle
  • Full sized X-ball field for speedball players
  • Fills both CO2 and HPA tanks
  • Join their Facebook group for most up-to-date information, and news on local events.
  • Their teams DieHard Factory and Essex Supremacy both practice at DieHard and compete in the ESPL series
  • Indoor recreational field in the city of Windsor
  • Field is a mixture of air bunkers, buildings, props and tanks, with a wall/base at each end
  • Fills HPA tanks
  • On-site pro shop to service your equipment and for all of your new paintball gear needs.
  • Their field team Windsor Rush competes in the ESPL series

London and Area:

  • Ontario's largest, fully-turfed indoor paintball field
  • Biggest and best stocked paintball pro shop in Ontario
  • Fills CO2 and HPA tanks
  • Speedball and tactical bunkers are available, field setup can change frequently.
  • Hosts local events and tournaments including Blizzard Ball, the Flagswipe House League, and their annual New Year's Overnight Lock-In on Jan. 5th
  • Winter Young Guns days with free entry for children ages 10-14 to get taught the basics and finer points of paintball skills and strategies.
  • Full sized Xball field airball setup for speedball players
  • Tons of fields over a variety of terrain, including forests, towns, trenches, hills, bases, a church and a downed airplane
  • Fills CO2 and HPA tanks
  • Regularly hosts many events, including the massive Day of the Dead scenario day, 30 Days of Night Winter Scenario and the ESPL Tournament Series
  • Summer Young Guns days with free entry for children ages 10-14 to get taught the basics and finer points of paintball skills and strategies.
Adrenaline Paintball Indoor and Outdoor Fields
Website: http://www.londonpaintball.com/

Cambridge, Hamilton, Brantford, and Kitchener-Waterloo Area Paintball Fields:

Flag Raiders Indoor:
Located at 259 Gage Avenue, Kitchener, ON

  • Hosts the TKO and Raider's Cup Paintball Tournaments

Flag Raiders Outdoor:
Located at 425 Bingemans Centre Drive Kitchener, ON

  • Has both recreational woodsball and speedball fields
  • Hosts many CXBL events (+ MXL, RXL, RT5 and CX4)

H&H Paintball
Located at 1365 Colborne Street East, Brantford, ON  N3S 7C7

  • Young Guns days with free entry for children ages 10-14 to get taught the basics and finer points of paintball skills and strategies.

Brantford Paintball Complex
Located at 1200 Clarence St Brantford Ont.

    • 6pm to 11pm $50.00 for a full case (2000) rounds or$30.00 for 1/2 case (1000) rounds all equipment included
    • BYOP (white fill only) owners $10.00 renters $15.00

Novice Paintball, The Indoor Paintball Arena:
Located at 69 Agnes St, Kitchener, ON N2G 2E9

  • Indoor, recreational, tactical and speedball fields available
  • Friday night "Hose Fest" Specials for speedball players
  • Also offers Flames of War WW2 board game sessions


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