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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paintball in Russia: Not Just For Men

Russia's Hotball III Tournament

Paintball is a sport that is played worldwide, and sometimes you're surprised to discover just how large the game is in other countries.  The Hotball III event happened earlier this year at Moscow Paintball Palace and Paintball Club Arena and drew quite a large crowd of teams from all across Europe to compete.  The diversity between paintball players around the world really makes me want to be able to travel and attend these events in the future.  Here's a video supplied by Russia's Headshot Magazine which captured the day's intense action.  

Video found from PBNation's YouTube page.

Ladies Only! Arena Moscow Girls Cup

The Arena Moscow Girls Cup, a girls-only paintball tournament was also held at Arena Moscow earlier this year.  This event brought in ten all female teams to compete for an exciting day of paintball.  At some fields in Canada, it's rare to ever see any girls out playing paintball, this is a really refreshing video and event to show that there is nothing stopping girls from fully competing in the sport.  There is a full writeup of the event's coverage at PaintballX3's website.

Girls Cup video provided by http://bagira-yar.ru/