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Friday, 21 December 2012

Parents, Let Your Kids Play Paintball!

With the holiday season here and parents looking for fun ways to spend quality time with their children, parents should really consider playing paintball with their families.  There are many benefits of playing paintball, including getting kids active with physical exercise, being social and playing together with others as a team to achieve a common goal.  Paintball isn't dangerous, it isn't really violent, it's overall a fun and active sport for anyone who is interested in playing.

To dispel some parents' fears about paintball, another Canadian parent and blogger has created ParentPaintball.com and a series of YouTube videos to help inform other parents on the fun and safe sport of paintball.  He focuses on the overall safety statistics of the sport, the benefits of spending active time with your kids, and the great attitudes of paintball players in general.  It provides an opportunity for father, son, mother and daughters to all participate together in the same game while everyone is on the same level.  If any parents are reading or have kids who have said they are interested in playing paintball, these videos are a great resource for giving them insight into what their children will experience during a regular day of paintball play.

Parent Paintball Videos:

Also, he has a series of videos of headcam footage that will show him and his son playing paintball, including a bunch of Father Vs. Son videos.

Be sure to check out his blog at ParentPaintball.com and watch his videos on his YouTube Channel.