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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Monday Night Speedball @ Windsor Rush

This past Monday night, I had the chance to throw down some practice with local Windsor paintball players.  We played on a modified speedball field at Windsor Rush Paintball, which is for the most part, a rec field with air bunkers in the middle.  For ease of setup, we simply started the matches farther up which took the majority of the wooden bunkers and buildings out of the playing field, with the exception of two huts on each side of the field.  A good turnout of 16 players came out, with us running a lot of back-to-back 4 on 4 matches and a bunch of 5 on 5s.  

I brought my GoPro to the field and got some video, but I didn't fully charge it before going and it died about halfway through the scrims.  As usual, the videos have been uploaded to my YouTube channel.

I let my friend use my GoPro barrel mount for a few games, here's a quick run through.

Good news for the future of Windsor speedball players, Rush is ordering a new NPPL field and these speedball practices will soon be held on a full tournament-style airball field.  To find out more about playing speedball nights at Rush, check out their website or talk to their staff and find out when you can come out for some competitive practice.