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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Offseason Paintball Grind

With the 2013 PSP season still a few months away, teams are already well on their way to being prepared for the events.  Many teams have their rosters established, with on-field practices getting underway and their season schedules and plans getting locked down, awaiting final confirmation of PSP event dates. 

Although on-field experience and practice is a must for paintball teams, players cannot forget all of the off-field exercises and preparations they should be going through.  The main focus of off-field paintball workouts should be cardio conditioning and burst speed, and the players who take the time to prepare their bodies for extended periods of exertion and heat will be the ones who shine as the long points and games drag on.  At our Canadian Express practices, there is a huge focus on running and working up a huge sweat before even working into drills, breakouts and scrims. 

In the end, all of the on and off-field training will come together at the events to show what these paintball players are made of, and which teams come out on top will be made of players who are dedicated to their paintball season.

Canadian Express hit the field at Flagswipe Paintball last Saturday for our first practice of the new year, and I recorded some GoPro footage which I edited together to show the world what Express is working on for the 2013 PSP season.

For ideas for paintball drills and workouts, check out some of the links in the sidebar on the right.


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